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Canceling Webdatagrid updates

Hello all,

Can some one tell me how we can cancel all updates on webdatagrid (CRUD) ? Suppose that user had added some rows, removed others and updated any cells. After all this he decided to cancel all (To go to have lunch).

All what i know is to ovoid updates for adding and updating using RowAdding and RowUpdating server side events.Thank you very very much for your help


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    Offline posted

    I know this is a very old post, but I had the exact same problem and the posted solution seemed overly complicated for my needs.  I got this to work by doing the following:

    1. Behaviors/AutoCRUD = False

    2. Behaviors/BatchUpdating = True

    3. Handle the updates in the server side event RowUpdating.

    4. Placed a hidden field on the page called hdnSaveDataSched

    5. Placed 2 buttons on the page, one for SAVE and one for CANCEL.

    6. Created a little JavaScript Routine called updateSaveDataSched to set the value of the hidden field.

            function updateSaveDataSched(val) {
                document.getElementById("hdnSaveDataSched").value = val;

    7. Attached the following to the SAVE button.  btnSave.Attributes.Add("onClick", "updateSaveDataSched('y');")

    8 Attached the following to the CANCEL button. btnCancel.Attributes.Add("onClick", "updateSaveDataSched('n');")

    9. In the server side event RowUpdating, if the hidden field value is 'n' I exit the routine without performing the update.  If the value is 'y' I perform the database updates.

            If hdnSaveDataSched.Value = "n" Then
                Exit Sub
            End If

    10. VOILA!  It works!

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