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WebHierarchicalDataGrid Inserts an empty row after updating via UpdatePanel click.


I have a WebHierarchicalDataGrid  inside an UpdatePanel. The grid has a parent and a child grid, I am adding a new row data in the grid by using a popup iframe technique. Now what I am doing is after adding the data I am refreshing the WebHierarchicalDataGrid via javascript by triggering an asynchronous button, but everytime the update panel refresh this weird empty row always appear on the top every visible rows. 

I wonder what is wrong here. Or is there any way to update the WebHierarchicalDataGrid in client side? 

Please check this screen shot after updating the grid via javascript.


This is a big problem since the empty row is eating some space. Especially if most of the child band rows are open. This might also annoy the current user.


Thank you and Best Regards,