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Affect the page during AJAX calls

Is there a way to affect page during WebDataGrid AJAX calls? For example during grid paging I want to generate JavaScript on the server and emit it to the client to execute. This is possible for old WARP panel partial postbacks as well as Microsoft's UpdatePanel. But currently I am unable to to it with grid's callbacks.

Also is it possible to change (server-side) any other control during WebDataGrid AJAX calls? For example I have a DIV control (with runat="server" set) and during grid paging I perform some additional server-side operations (database calls etc.) and I want to set innerHTML property of that div server-side. Again it's possible in UpdatePanel. Old WARP panel even had "RelatedControls" property which it could update even if they weren't inside of panel.

How to achieve something similar during grid partial postbacks?