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Weird behavior child band

Hi, I am encountering a strange behavior with the child bands.

I have 2 WHDG on a page, both are in their own asp:Panel with the visible property set to false. Depending on a selection of a DropDownList it shows 1 or the other by setting the appropriate asp:Panel's visible property to true.

I use 2 different datasets.

1 dataset consists out of 2 tables with a relation between them. It is possible to have 20 rows in the first table and only 1 row in the second table.

When I make the asp:Panel visible and assign the dataset that consists out of 2 datatables to the WHDG, it does not display the expand button so I can't access the child band of a specific row.

When I make the other WHDG visible and go back again to the one I assigned the dataset that consists out of 2 datatables, the expand button is available for that row. When I click on the expand button, it shows the content of the child band but the expand button (and the space) disappears. How can I make the expand buttons and/or at least the space for it always available?

When I iniciate the page with the asp:Panel visible, the expand button is available and stays available, switching between the 2 grids does not break the functionality. Why the asp:Panel with the visible property set to false influence the functionality of the WHDG?