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Which control initiated the ActivityDialogOpening client side event?

I have a page with a month, week or day view depending on the user selection. I have a central WebScheduleInfo which defines some client events. Like this:


<igsch:WebScheduleInfo ID="ScheduleInfoControl" runat="server" OnActivityUpdating="ActivityUpdating" OnActivityUpdated="ActivityUpdated">
    <ClientEvents ActivityDialogOpening="diaryAddAppointment" />

The function called takes 4 parameters:

function diaryAddAppointment(oScheduleInfo, oEvent, oDialog, oActivity)


    // Do stuff here...

I am trying to figure out from where do I get to know whether it was the day, week or month view?
If I get the Day View then the oActivity.getStartTime() is useful to me, otherwise I'm only interested in oScheduleInfo.getActiveDay()



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    Hello Colin Mackay ,


    I know it has been a while since you’ve posted this in our forum but if you still need assistance with this issue I’d be glad to help.


    Unfortunately the WebSheduleInfo doesn’t hold a reference to the control that it has been attached to but you could still determine which controls is the one currently on the page.

    You could handle the Initialize client side event of each of the controls you have on the page and see which one initializes. Since when you set some of the controls visibility on the server to false they won’t get initialized at all on the client side so only the visible one will be initialized.


    Let me know if you have any further questions regarding this.


    Best Regards,

    Maya Kirova

    Developer Support Engineer

    Infragistics, Inc.