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Problem with EnableCrossPageSelection


I'm using infragistics version 10.3.
I have a problem with the EnableCrossPageSelection property of webDataGrid.
This is my webdatagrid:



ig:WebDataGrid ID="WebDataGrid1" runat="server" Width="100%"    EnableDataViewState="True" AutoGenerateColumns="false" AjaxIndicator-BlockArea="Control" AjaxIndicator-Enabled="True" AjaxIndicator-BlockCssClass="WebDataGridAjaxIndicatorBlock" EnableAjax="false">






<ig:BoundDataField DataFieldName="ID" Key="ID"></ig:BoundDataField>





<ig:Selection Enabled="true" CellClickAction="row" RowSelectType="Multiple" EnableCrossPageSelection="true"></ig:Selection




<ig:Filtering Alignment="Top" Visibility="Visible" Enabled="true" AnimationEnabled="false"




<ig:Paging PageSize="100" PagerAppearance="Bottom" Enabled="true" QuickPages="1" PagerMode="NumericFirstLast" />










This is the issue:

If paging is enabled, When I select rows from the first page and the second page, the result of WebDataGrid1.Behaviours.Selection.SelectedRows.Count is correct. It gives me the number of total records that I selected. But If I access one especific record from SelectedRows it always gives me Nothing. Example:


First Page - 1 line selected
Second Page - 2 lines selected

After PostBack it gives me:
    WebDataGrid1.Behaviours.Selection.SelectedRows.Count = 3
    WebDataGrid1.Behaviours.Selection.SelectedRows(0) = Nothing
    WebDataGrid1.Behaviours.Selection.SelectedRows(1) = Nothing
    WebDataGrid1.Behaviours.Selection.SelectedRows(2) = Nothing

What can I do to solve this?