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WebTab disappears inside WARP

I have a ig:webtab control (version 11.1 using VB) inside a Infragistics Web Async Refresh Panel. The webtab has various controls from drop down list to text boxes and check boxes inside of the different tabs. When I click an item from a drop down list the entire webtab controls disappears from the page. I have the ajax set to off and the post back flag for selected index change to off, like this:

<PostBackOptions EnableAjax="false" />
<AutoPostBackFlags SelectedIndexChanged="Off" />

I have tried it with other variations of these settings but I figured this was the correct setup since I am having the WARP control the asynchronous post backs. I want the WARP to handle the async because when I enable the async on the tabs they do not reset the tabs to their default settings when switching between them and I am having difficulty with trying to accomplish a reset with tab index change event because it fires when I select something from the drop down list and resets my just made selection. I have several different pages with this setup that I am changing out the existing ultrawebtab controls with the 11.1 webtab controls. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Thank you

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