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any one can resolve this issue?

I have problem with update each cell multiple time on 

EditingClientEvents-RowUpdating = WebDataGrid1_RowUpdated

that's create slow execution of code

WebDataGrid1_RowUpdated function more then one time call on each cell editing for example we edit cell number 4 then WebDataGrid1_RowUpdated call and update it after that we edit cell number 8 then call WebDataGrid1_RowUpdated for cell 4 that are already updated and after that edit cell 8 as it is if we edit other cells all previos cell are edit against that create repetition of updates.

Following are code for BLOCKED SCRIPT

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function WebDataGrid1_RowUpdated(sender, e) {

 var index = e.get_row().get_index();

     if(index == WebDataGrid2_LastRowIndex){

     var row=e.get_row();


     return false;

     var fieldID = row.get_cellByColumnKey("fieldID").get_value();

     var curCell4 = row.get_cell(0);

            if(fieldID == null || fieldID == undefined)


               fieldID =0;



  var field1=row.get_cellByColumnKey("field1").get_value();

      if(field1== ""){field1=="undefined";}

  var NewID=CreateDirectRotaKey(fieldID , field1 )

  if(fieldID == 0){curCell4.set_value(NewID,NewID);}





Following code for html

<ig:WebDataGrid ID="WebDataGrid1" DataKeyFields="RKId" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="False" autocrud="true" DefaultColumnWidth="100px" EnableTheming="false" ExpansionColumnCss="ExpansionColumn" BorderStyle="None" Font-Bold="False" EnableDataViewState="True"  >

<AjaxIndicator Enabled="false" />

<ClientEvents KeyUp="keyUp"  Initialize="WebDataGrid1_Grid_Initialize"/>



<ig:BoundDataField DataFieldName="fieldID" Key="fieldID">



<ig:BoundDataField DataFieldName="field1" Width="100px" Key=" field1">

<Header Text="field1"/>





<ig:Activation Enabled="true" />


<ig:Selection CellClickAction="Cell" CellSelectType="Single" Enabled="True" RowSelectType="Single" ColumnSelectType="Single" SelectionClientEvents-CellSelectionChanged="WebDataGrid1_CellSelectionChanged"  />

<ig:Paging PagerAppearance="Bottom" PageSize="10" Enabled="false" />

<ig:RowSelectors Enabled="true" RowNumbering="true" />

<ig:Sorting SortingMode="Single" Enabled="false" />

<ig:ColumnMoving Enabled="false" />

<ig:ColumnResizing Enabled="false" />

<ig:EditingCore AutoCRUD="false"  EditingClientEvents-RowUpdating="WebDataGrid1_RowUpdated" >


<ig:CellEditing EditModeActions-EnableF2="True" EditModeActions-MouseClick="Single" EditModeActions-EnableOnActive="false">


                                                            <ig:EditingColumnSetting   ColumnKey="RKId" ReadOnly="true" />


<EditModeActions MouseClick="Single" EnableOnKeyPress="true"></EditModeActions>


<ig:RowDeleting Enabled="false"   />



<ig:Filtering Alignment="Top" Visibility="Hidden" Enabled="false" AnimationEnabled="false" />





Asim Hashmi