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BoundCheckBoxField Async request failed

I have a table with a boolean (bit) value that I'm using a SQL Data Source to connect the webdatagrid to. I'm representing this field as a BoundCheckBoxField in the grid, and everything displays properly. When I uncheck the box and move the focus to a new row, however, I get a pop-up message that says:


Async request failed.

[FormatException]: String was not recognized as a valid Boolean. at System.Boolean.Parse(String value) ...

The full screenshot of the error is attached.

Shouldn't this work?


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    Hi Dan,

    I believe this should work.  If you do not have the latest Service Release for 11.1, you could get that and see if the issue is resolved.  If it is not, could you see if you could try to get me a small sample to do so?  It looks like the problem may be somewhere in the sql.  Another thing you could try is swapping out the BoundCheckBoxField for a BoundDataField and do regulare edit mode and see if "true" / "false" work as expected in editing.

    David Young 

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