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Link Button event is not getting fired when using it in TemplateDataField of a WebDataGrid
Hi There,

I am using a WebDataGrid in which there is a TemplateDataField.
I have added a Link Button there and added "OnClick" event of a button in Code Behind (C#).
The event is not triggered at any point of time.
I have also put a break point to troubleshoot but the break point is not getting hit anyhow.

I have added sample code here.

.ASPX Page

ig:WebDataGrid ID="Users" runat="server" Width="100%" AutoGenerateColumns="false"> <Columns> <ig:BoundDataField DataFieldName="NAME" Key="NAME" CssClass="name"> <Header Text="User Name" CssClass="name" Tooltip="User Name" /> </ig:BoundDataField> <ig:TemplateDataField Key="Edit" CssClass="edit" Width="6%"> <Header CssClass="edit" /> <ItemTemplate>     <asp:LinkButton ID="btnEdit" runat="server" Text="Edit" CausesValidation="false"       OnClick="edit_Click" CommandName="edit_Click"/>   </ItemTemplate>  </ig:TemplateDataField>  </Columns>  </ig:WebDataGrid>

.CS Page

protected void edit_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { LinkButton edit = sender as LinkButton; try   {       //Do Something
}   catch (Exception ex)   {    throw;   } }

Is it needed to register the event anywhere in code?

Please help.