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WebCalendarView of WebSchedular is not working in IE8

Dear Team,

In my page i am using WebCalendarView, webdayview. But when i am browsing my application in IE8, sometimes its throwing error while clicking on the date (otherthan current date). Most of the times i am getting this problem.

I had tried with BrowserTarget="UpLevel" property in aspx page. This property also not solved my problem. Please help me out in making this control to be worked in IE8.

Thanks & Regards,


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    Hi Rafiya,

    It has been some time since your post, however in case you still need assistance I would be glad to help.

    I tested your scenario usign version 11.1 of .NetAdvantage and did not encounter any issues in IE8. I would need to know the exact version of your product in order to be able to provide more insight.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

    Best Regards,

    Petar Ivanov
    Developer Support Engineer
    Infragistics, Inc.