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UltraWebGrid Paging not working with Browser="Xml" property


I am using Infragistics UltraWebGrip (Version=7.3.20073.1053). Following is the design code that is being used:



igtbl:ultrawebgrid><igtbl:ultrawebgrid id="grdPOItem"


style="Z-INDEX: 114; LEFT: 8px; POSITION: absolute; TOP: 281px" runat="server"


Height="192px" width="849" ImageDirectory="/ig_common/Images/" EnableViewState="False"









AddNewRow Visible="NotSet" View="NotSet"></AddNewRow>






<DisplayLayout UseFixedHeaders="True" StationaryMargins="HeaderAndFooter" AllowSortingDefault="OnClient"


RowHeightDefault="20px" Version="3.00" SelectTypeRowDefault="Extended" RowsRange="1000" HeaderClickActionDefault="SortMulti"


BorderCollapseDefault="Separate" AllowColSizingDefault="Free"


EnableInternalRowsManagement="True" Name="grdPOItem" LoadonDemand="Xml" TableLayout="Fixed">

However, after implementing the UltraWebGrid in the above manner, paging is not happening. A separate method for InitializeDataSource is not written in this page because the grid is getting populated using DataSet.

How can I make Browser="Xml" and LoadonDemand="Xml" successful work in this page? Partial postback is an absolute necessary for this grid on this page.