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Unable to set width for WebDropDown input field


I've a WebDropDown control and have assigned a width to it. User selects any one value from the drop down list and we fire a server side event using OnSelectionChanged handler. After doing server side processing the width of the input field of WebDropDown reduces. We'd set the width of WebDropDown using Width property and made sure the css class igdd_ValueDisplay has Width set to 100%. Still no luck.

Also AutoPostBackFlags-SelectionChanged is set to "On".

Can you please let me know if I'm missing anything.



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    I have the same problem. 

    I have set width property to 40px and it appears with a very larger size.

    The problem (in my case) was a input[type='text'] CSS.

    The WebDropDown server control become a table with an input but the width specified to the server control is not applied to the input and then the CSS was applied.

    Solution for me :

    put the WebDropDown into a div with the width and overload the CSS with  width : auto;

    sorry for my english :)

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