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How to get new value of edited cell of an "inner join" field - sqldatasource

I have a webdatagrid with an sqldatasource. The select command is this:

select items_pc.item, items.[desc], items_pc.unit, 

items_pc.price, items_pc.price  * 1.1 as StorePice

from items_pc inner join items on items.item = items_pc.item

where = 'dis'


I can get old values and new values of the fields selected in the "from" table in the "RowUpdating" event. But I can only get the old values of the "inner join fields". 

Is there a way to get the new values of the "inner join" fields without client side JavaScript?

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    Hi boruchsiper,

    It has been some time since your post, however in case you still need assistance I would be glad to help.

    I am not certain I fully understand your issue, however all new field values (bound and unbound) in WebDataGrid should be accessible at the RowIsland stage. After testing the scenario using an sqldatasource populated via an inner join statement, there seem to be no issues with accessing any of the new row values. A sample illustrating the behavior would be greatly appreciated and would help to isolate the matter.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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