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Need to display the current month on button click


I am using a button to toggle between the webmonthview and another div . since it just toggles (not a page load) .. the webmonthview displays data of the month that had been viewed previous to the toggle. But i want it to display the current month each time i click on the button to view the webmonthview.Is there any way to set the same???

Also i would like to know whether the navigation can be limited to the number of years that have been scheduled in the DB as i am using the web month view as read only to display a list of trainings that have been scheduled ...

Any help soon is much appreciated


Thanks in advance.



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    Hi Haala Mammed,

    You should refresh the WebMonthView when switching to it in order to display the current month. And it seems that it is not possible to limit the navigation of WebMonthView.

    If you have other questions, please let me know.

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