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Webspellchecker Styleset

I cannot get the webspellchecker to change to the Windows7 style. I've set it everywway possible, but it will not change. I know a number othere people have had this problem, but never seen how to resolve the issue. Can someone point me in the right direction? Below is two ways I have tried to do ot, both client & server side.

<ig_spell:WebSpellChecker ID="Webspellchecker0" runat="server" ButtonId="btnAnalysisItem"EnableAppStyling="True" StyleSetName="Windows7" TextComponentId="txtAnalysisItem">

<SpellOptions IncludeUserDictionaryInSuggestions ="True">

<PerformanceOptions CheckCompoundWords="True" />


<DialogOptions AllowMultipleDialogs="False" Modal="True" ShowNoErrorsMessage="True" SpellCheckText="Spell Checking Comments..." WindowHeight="435" WindowWidth="378" />


With Webspellchecker0

.EnableAppStyling = WebUI.Shared.DefaultableBoolean.True

.EnableTheming = True

.StyleSetName = "Windows7"

.StyleSetPath = Server.MapPath("~\ig_res\")

.ImageDirectory = Server.MapPath("~\ig_res\")

End With