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Web spell checker is not working with textbox whose text value is retrieved from Database


I am working on one project where the requirement is to check the spelling errors in the textarea value which is filled by database while runtime..

my code is like this:

<script type="text/javascript" id="igClientScript">
function Click2() {
var spell2 = ig$('<%=WebSpellChecker1.ClientID%>');
var text2ID = '<%=inactive_description.ClientID%>';
var text2 = document.getElementById(text2ID);
spell2.checkSpelling(text2.value, null, text2ID);



<textarea ID="inactive_description" cols="150" rows="21" style="background-color: #B0E2FF"
<input id="btn" type="button" value="Spell Check" runat="server" onclick="Click2()" />
<ig_spell:WebSpellChecker ID="WebSpellChecker1" runat="server">

here textarea value is gonna filled by database when i will run this script but when i run it and click on the check spell button ,spell checker dialogue box is not coming but if i modify that value of text area then dialogue box will show but it will only check my modified text..not the whole text that is present in textarea..

if  i  m gonna use textbox instead of textarea then the result is still same...i tried all the formulas that i found in different forums and i also submitted support request and they gave me the code that i posted here but it didnt work out..

P.S. i used javascript code to fill the text value of textarea field from database..

Please give me solution as soon as possible..

Thank You!