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WebHtmlEditor not working when copy-paste from MSWord

We have tried to copy text from MSWord to Infragistics WebHtmlEditor and there are problems when using lists: A list in MSWord is copied to WebHtmlEditor and it is represented in html as "<p>" not as "<ol>" or "<ul>".


In MSWord (some nested lists):

    1. First item

        a. subitem A

        b. subitem B

    2. Second item

Copy-paste in WebHtmlEditor, the html generated is:

    <p>1. First item</p>

    <p style="margin:0 0 0 72pt">a. subitem A</p>


We have detected this problem in IE10 or less, and also in Chrome. In IE11 it works properly.

We are using Infragistics v14.2

Please could you help us with this issue?