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Long press event on a calendar appointment


-(void)calendarView:(IGCalendarView *)calView appointmentTapped:(IGCalendarAppointment*)appt fromDataSource:(id)dataSource withBounds:(CGRect)rect forDay:(NSDate*)date;

I love this event but is there any way to have a long press event on an appointment? I want to display an action sheet menu on an appointment when you long press. That way people can execute some quick actions on appointments.

Most ideal would be if there was a delegate method that would look something like this:

-(void)calendarView:(IGCalendarView *)calView appointmentPressed:(IGCalendarAppointment*)appt fromDataSource:(id)dataSource withBounds:(CGRect)rect forDay:(NSDate*)date;

Since that method is not available is there a work around?

Thanks in advance!

Daan Vermeulen
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    Hi Daan, 

    Sure! I'd be happy to add a pressed version of that delegate. 

    I don't have a good workaround for you. But i've already added it, and if you want we can get you a Private build of it. 


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