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    The am/pm label is cutting in ipad. how can expand the area of the am/pm so the label will not cut.

One more issue a white area is also showing on IGCalendar without adding any external view on this.I try to remove this area also search in library.but i din't find any solution.

Please find the attached screen shot.
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    Hi Narendra!

    The first issue, with the labels getting cut off appears to be a bug. We were only allowing for a certain fixed size. I'm guessing you might have changed the font or the max/min font sizes in the theme applied to the calendar. If so, thats what's most likely causing the issue. It's a simple fix though, so we can get you a private build with the changes if you'd like. 

    As for the other issue, if i understand correctly the white area you're seeing is the working hours area. If you don't want working hours to be styled differently, you can set the following property on the calendarView to false: 


    Hope this helps!