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IGCalendarThemeDefinition is not working when the orientation of an device changes

Hi, I'm using Infragistics calendar in Xamarin.iOS. I have a class which defines  Theme Definition for IGCalendar. I have set the HighlightColor to blue color. when we launch the app all the theme definitions of an IGCalendar works perfectly. but once we change the orientation of the device, i don't see any theme definitions working. Observer the HighlightColor changes from blue to red once we change the orientation.

Could any one help me out from this. Thanks in advance.

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    Thanks for the sample!

    The theme property is a weak reference, which means the calendar doesn't store a reference to it. So you need to store a strong reference to it before you assign it.

    So you can do something like this: 

      Theme = _theme = new CalendarThemeDefinition(),

    Here is snippet using your code: 

    CalendarThemeDefinition _theme;
            public override void ViewDidLoad()
                _appts = GenerateAppointments(2);

                _dataSource = new CalendarDataSource(_appts);
                _dataSources = new NSObject[] { _dataSource };

                _calendar = new IGCalendarView {
                    DisplayBackButton = false,
                    DisplayTitleBar = true,
                    DayViewInitialScrollStartHour = 11,
                    DayViewShowAMPM = true,
                    Frame = this.View.Bounds,
                    AutoresizingMask = UIViewAutoresizing.FlexibleWidth | UIViewAutoresizing.FlexibleHeight,
                    Theme = _theme = new CalendarThemeDefinition(),
                    AppointmentDataSources = _dataSources

    Hope this helps!


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