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IGScatterPoint copyWithZone unrecognized selector error - 2016.1

When I updated to NucliOS 2016.1 from 2015.2, I am now getting an error when using an IGScatterSeries with an IGScatterSeriesDataSourceHelper. The application crashes and quits.

Error: IGScatterPoint does not implement copyWithZone (unrecognized selector sent to instance).

iOS Version: 10.0.1 Device:

iPhone 6+ (haven’t tried with iPad or simulator yet)

Xcode: Version 8.0 (8A218a) (latest)

The IGScatterSeriesDataSourceHelper instantiates fine. The IGScatterSeries instantiates fine, and associates to the DSH fine. The error occurs when then series is added to the chart. I couldn’t find anything in the forums related to this; is anyone else having this issue?