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CalendarView week only format without day view?

I have a design/need for a calendar view in an application that is just a single week row that can be scrolled (direction isn't as important as design but horizontal scrolling was the intended behavior). Is this something that is possible with the Infragistics CalendarView, and when in the week mode can I disable the ability to go into the month/year modes as well? Have been digging through the documentation but not really finding much in the docs/examples for what I'm trying to achieve. 

Thanks for the controls, just recently moved from Telerik and so far have been pretty happy with the ease of use (though some swift updates in the documentation would be nice). 

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    Hi Sal!

    Glad you're enjoying the controls! :)

    I believe the CalendarView should do mostly what you're looking fore. 

    1st. you want to disable navigation to monday and year view, so you can actually get rid of the title bar... _cal.displayTitleBar = NO

    2nd. The week view already scrolls horizontally. To go right to Week view, simply tell the calendar to load the date you want in week view: 

    [_cal nativeateToDate:date forType:IGCalendarViewDisplayTypeWeek]

    3rd. You say you want to display  it as a single row. I'm not really sure what you mean by that.. Currently the week view doesn't have a simpler mode, where it just displays headers, its always going to display the hours as well. 

    Hope this helps clarify some things. 

    if you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 


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