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Any way to force tick intervals at specific values?

I have a gauge that goes from -70 to 150 with the interval set to 50. I would like the ticks and labels to mark the [-50,0,50,100,150] values but they currently mark the [-70,-20,30,80,130] values.

Is there a way to specify the interval starting point?

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    Unfortunately, the gauge doesn't have such feature. I can think of one potential workaround, but it's not very graceful.
    You would use the following IGGaugeViewDelegate method to override the label:

    -(NSString *)gaugeView:(IGGaugeView *)gaugeView formatStringForValue:(double)labelValue
        NSArray *validValues = @[@-50, @0, @50, @100, @150];
        for (int i=0; i<validValues.count; i++)
            double val = [validValues[i] doubleValue];
            if (val == labelValue)
                return [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%.2f", labelValue];
        return @"";

    This would require you to set your gauge interval to a lowest common denominator between the original and new set of labels. In your case, if you start at -70 the interval would have to be set to 10, and while it does give you the correct labels in the end, you end up with quite a bit more tick marks.

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