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Binary Rejected (Non-public API)


   My name is Aderval, and I am testing the NuclIOS component. So far I am very glad with it, with just one or two issues that I was planning to submit to the support team, but maybe it is just a matter of learning the API.

   Well, my last real test was submitting my app to the App Store, in order to check if it would pass without problems. To my surprise, I've got a Binary Rejected status, with the following text: 

    "We found that your app uses one or more non-public APIs, which is not in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines. The use of non-public APIs is not permissible because it can lead to a poor user experience should these APIs change. 

We found the following non-public API/s in your app:


If you have defined methods in your source code with the same names as the above-mentioned APIs, we suggest altering your method names so that they no longer collide with Apple's private APIs to avoid your application being flagged in future submissions."

   I saw in the NuclIOS that these methods really exists on the GridView API. So, how can I bypass this in order to approve my App??


   Aderval Mendonça