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Monotouch - GridView insert and delete rows

Hi there,


I have a simple grid view sample (in monotouch Xamarin), and I need to let the user to delete rows (after select one) and add new rows (after insert text in a textbox that I have outside the grid somewhere in the main view).

So, I’m asking help for:

-          How to add a button, (button “Delete”), to the header/top of grid view

-          How delete the row after selection from the user

-          How to change the background colour of the selected row in the grid


-         How to add button, (button “Insert”), to the header/top of grid view

-         How insert the row in index 0

-         What is the best approach? : To let the user to write directly in the grid? Or To open a modal and let the user write and then pass this for the grid?

-          How can I resolve this problem: When I add the grid view to the main view, this makes by textbox and a button (that I have outside somewhere in the main view) to lose focus. It seems blocked and I cannot write in this textbox or click the button. (Without adding the grid view to the main view, the textbox is fine). (?)


Can anyone help me with this questions, with examples in c# monotouch? 


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