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Monotouch - NUCLIOS New Release Examples (Edit Mode)

Hi there,

it's possible to have an example of the new functionality edit grid through IGGridViewdatasourcehelper? With add cell, edit cell and delete cell?


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    Hi Rui, 

    The new Edit Mode feature in 13.2 comes down to basically one property: AllowEditing on IGGridViewDataSourceHelper:

    ds.AllowEditing = true;

    Once you turn that on, you now double tap any cell that supports editing, and that cell will become editable. Tap anywhere else, scroll it out of view, or close the keyboard, and edit mode will automatically end. 

    Editing currently supports a standard TextField for editing strings. You can create custom columns though and provide your own editors:

    You can read a lot more about the feature here:

    I've also updated the sample with a custom DateColumn to show how to add custom editing. I use a TextField in the sample, but you can use anything you want. 

    Hope this helps,

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