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XamDayView Custom Appointment Dialog: Window title overwrite

Hi there,

I have implemented XamDayView control and I have changed the default Appointment Dialog with my custom dialog popup. However I have noticed that the title of my custom window is set to the Subject property of the respective appointment object. Even though I have set a binding  in my view, the Title still gets the value of the Subject property. Is there a way to change that ?

Thank you in advance.


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    Hello Christos,

    I have been investigating the behavior you are looking to achieve, and I would just like to gather a few more details on this custom dialog popup that you are implementing. Would it be possible for you to please provide some more information on the binding that you are setting in your view that you are expecting to change the title of the dialog?

    Also, are you following the instructions at this documentation article about creation of a custom activity dialog or are you perhaps doing this in another way?

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns on this matter.

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