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How to install CodedUI test plugin without installing complete setup of infragistics


Lot of topics on the same have been discussed but I didn't find proper answer, hence I am writing this post.

I want to use record infragistics controls in my codedui tests.

But I don't want to install entire infragistics seup which takes around 5-6 gb for each version. Kindly suggest what is the best way to get coded UI test work with infragistics controls with minimum space

My application uses controls of 13.2 & 14.2.



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    Hello Gaurav,

    Thank you for posting in our forum.

    In order to install only the CodedUI test plugin you need to use the Platform Installer. You can download one by logging into your account and go to My Keys And Downloads section here

    Whit Platform Installer started on the Product Selection step you may choose which products to install. Click on Windows Forms and then on Customize link (next to the Next button). Here you can choose to install only CodedUI or anything else you may need. If you choose only CodedUI the installation size is less than 1 MB and if you choose to install and Windows Forms controls for example the installation size is around 13 MB.

    Please let me know if you need any additional information.

    Thank you for using Infragistics Controls.