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Populating a UltraDataSource and best practices


   I have a confusion over the timing of populating an UltraDataSource.

What is the exact purpose or extra that a UltraDataSource provides over the other collections like DataSets, DataTables or ValueLists? Simply stating, why would anyone need an UltraDataSource, when one can simply bind these other objects to the ultragrid?

What is the difference between populating a ultradatasource in a custom method call and in a InitializeDataRowCollection? What is the difference between populating the ultradatasource in a InitializeDataRowCollection versus IntializeDataRow? 

What do the ISupportInitialize calls for BeginInit and EndInit implemented by UltraDataSource do in specific? 

What is the most efficient way to populate an ultradatasource? Does Ultradatasource allow being accessed from a back ground thread? 



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