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How to easilty customise grid columns by their data type


I use Ultragrids, attach a data source and then customise the columns in the grid's designer. But if there are hundreds of columns, it's very slow and cumbersome to change each column one by one.

While I can hide and exclude from the field chooser a subset of columns, there are some settings we like to apply to all columns of a specific datatype. For example we like numeric columns to be right aligned, not left. We like the FilterOperandDropDownItems to be Custom for numeric columns and Customs & Blanks for String columns. Now I've managed to do this at run-time but it can take over a second to do this when the grid has 300 columns.

I had a look at presets but they don't seem to allow customisation by column Datatype.

Is there a more efficient way to do this either at design-time or run-time?