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Wigantt Task Constraints


I have to yet add another problem in the long list of problems this control caused me.

I am simply trying to move back a task, and I can't do so without some pesky dialog asking the user if he really wants it. The date is modified from code, not directly by the user.

I DO NOT WANT ANY RESTRICTION ,DEPENDENCY OR CHECKS ON THE TASK. By the way, you are not supposed to do business logic in a control. 

How do I do that?

I tried to set

CrtGanttTask.ConstraintDateTime = DateTime.MinValue;

CrtGanttTask.Constraint = TaskConstraint.StartNoEarlierThan ;

but this resulted to my increasing frustration into yet another annoying dialog that was asking the user if it can put the task on 01-01-0001 which is before the project start(=today)...which is not true because I did not add the tasks with a project. I was doing so but I removed it trying to get rid of the damn dialog.

I have also tried to put the project datetime to minimum datetime resulting in yet another problem, which I am too exhausted & frustrated at this moment to explain. I am essentially hitting another problem that to fix causes another problem and so on.

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    Offline posted

    Hi Florin,

    You can suppress this dialog by using the TaskConstraintViolation event. If you set the PromptUser property to false, no dialog will appear:

    private void UltraCalendarInfo1_TaskConstraintViolation(object sender, TaskConstraintViolationEventArgs e)
       e.PromptUser = false;

    Please try this out and let me know whether it works.

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