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DataChart - Zooming

Hello there,

i am using the datachart more and more, and thus it seems i run into more and more Detail questions.

At this time i was taking care of zooming and have 2 questions

1) Can i change the Color (brush) of the zooming rectangle (outline) while using the mouse? One of my Charts Needs to have a black Background and the zooming rectangle cannot be ssen.

2) When drawing the zooming rectangle, while the left mouse button is down, i have an issue, when i Approach the x or y axis. I want to Setup the zooming rectangle by starting in the middle of the Chart, move the mouse down to the x-axis (so that i get each Point) and then move the mouse to the left. But movin the mouse left is not possible when having the mouse Cursor on or a Little bit underneath the x-axis line. This way of zooming is very Handy in my case. Is there a way to realize this?

I hope ist clear what i mean.

Thank you,


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