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Numeric Entry and BindingSource.Add Method - Show Thousands format on form

I am trying to create a numeric data entry that binds to a data source. in VB6, I used the PVNumeric control

In .NET and WinForms, I found the answer by modifying the the Numeric Editor MaskEdit property as this option is not offered.

- Change the MaskEdit propertyto "-nnn,nnn,nnn"

- In bindings, change "Text" to "Value", i.e:

         ultraNum_Cash.DataBindings.Add("Value", BankTable, "B_O_Draft")

The value in the database is changed to -2520325. Shown on form as : -2'520'325 

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    Hello David,

    I am glad to hear that you were able to solve this issue. Thank you also that you have shared your solution with all the members in our forum.

    Thank you for using Infragistics Controls.

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