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Error on upgrade from v8.2/8.3 to 16.2

I inheritted a very large C# / WinForms application that uses Infragistics 8.2/8.3.  In order to continue developing the application, we bought Infragistics 16.2.  I am attempting to upgrade the solution to 16.2, but I am getting errors.

The type 'object' is defined in an assembly that is not referenced. You must add a reference to the assembly 'Infragistics2.Win.blah.v8.3, Version=8.3.xxxx, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=xxxxxxxxxxx.

Things I've tried:

  • Upgraded each project in the solution from .NET 3.5 to .NET 4.6
  • Removed the old version libraries out of the resources folder
  • Cleaned the project, built, rebuilt, etc.

There were two related questions posted, but I followed those instructions too, and it did not help.  What am I doing wrong?