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UltraMaskedEdit for using numerically incremental steps of 100

Hello together!

I need to have a numerical editor which does cover the range from minimal 100 to maximal 15000 in steps of 100 with a spin button and as user entry over the keyboard.
First I tried an UltraNumericEditor which is working fine, but the user can enter values like 12385. I found no input mask which forces the entry to xxx00.

Then I tried an UltraMaskedEdit and used an input mask ‘nnn00’. This works quite well, but if the user is typing in 15000 the UltraMaskedEdit shows only 1500. The problem with this mask is any occurrence of a zero in the user input.

So please has anybody a good idea for an input mask which is solving the demand?

I’m using: Infragistics4.Win.UltraWinMaskedEdit.v15.2  15.2.20152.2023
I have attached a simple example which shows both controls.

Thank you very much for any suggestion!

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