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The ellipse area of UltraOptionSet has different size in MediumFont mode


I updated infragistic version from 2014.2 to 2016.2 and my UltraOptionSet control looks differently in Medium Font mode.

I set the fallowing properties for Control Area:

    <style role="ControlArea">
            <state name="Normal" backColor="White"  borderColor="237, 237, 237" backGradientStyle="None" borderColor3DBase="Transparent" themedElementAlpha="Transparent" backHatchStyle="None" />
The ellipse area of UltraOptionSet is bigger in medium font mode but before update the ellipse are size was the same in normal and medium font. 
Now it is looking in medium font like this:

When I used 2014.2 version the ellipse area was looking like this:

How can I left the size of ellipse area the same in medium and normal font?

Thank you!
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