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UltraFormattedTextEditor - use for raw text?

Is it possible to use the UltraFormattedTextEditor to handle its value as raw text i.e. if I set "A   B" as a value for a cell the grid displays this as exactly as "A   B" (three spaces between A and B)? My current tests show that the spaces are always condensed in the display (although the value continues to have the three spaces).

The documentation here talks about a possibility to use the TreatValueAs enum to indicate that the values should be considered as raw text - however, the enum only as FormattedText, URL and Auto. None of these seem to assume raw text.

You might argue that I could use UltraTextEditor instead of UltraFormattedTextEditor but in fact that editor behaves very different regarding focus handling and various other things that we are currently discovering after I replaced UltraFormattedTextEditor by UltraTextEditor.

So ideally I can make UltraFormattedTextEditor behave like UltraTextEditor regarding how it translates text to value and vice versa.

Can that be done?

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