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NamedReference.ReferencedRegion returning null for complex formulas


I just recently noticed a regression in the functionality for the Documents.Excel.NamedReference object between the older WinForms 15.2 release and the latest service release of WinForms 16.2

I am using the method NamedReference .ReferencedRegion to resolve Excel Names that define a region of cells. In particular, I have found that if the formula that defines the ReferencedRegion contains nested Names, NamedReference .ReferencedRegion return null.

For example, if an Excel Name is defined by the formula below, the corresponding NamedReference .ReferencedRegion return null:
Column_1 = OFFSET('Complete Revision List'!$A$5,0,0,PageLength, 9)

If I then replace the Name ‘PageLength’ in the formula with its single cell reference, (see below) NamedReference .ReferencedRegion returns a valid WorksheetRegion:
Column_1 = OFFSET('Complete Revision List'!$A$5,0,0,D$4$, 9)

Interestingly, I have found I can cause a NamedReference to recalculate and NamedReference.ReferencedRegion to return a non-null value if I first ‘tickle’ the object using:

- Is this a known issue with NamedReference objects in the latest release of WinForms 16.2?
- Should I be concerned about the parsing of other cell values that contain nested Name formulas?

This use of NamedReference .ReferencedRegion is key to our application correctly interpreting Excel spreadsheets. Let me know if I can provide more information and spreadsheets and/or sample code to reproduce the issue.

Ben Bishoff

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