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Is wrapping possible in OutlookExpress mode?

The OutlookExpress view has almost exactly what I'm looking for, but instead of clipping columns when there's not enough room, I need it to wrap the text and increase the row height to display the wrapped text.

I set the CellWrapText property to true and it displays the first part of the text with ellipses, but I can't tell if it's wrapping part of the text or just clipping it, because the node/row height doesn't change. My expectation would be (a) the text wraps to a new line when there isn't enough width, (b) the row height increases to display the wrapped text, and (c) no ellipses or clipping.

Question 1: Is it possible to wrap text in OutlookExpress mode?

Question 2: If it does support wrapping in OutlookExpress mode, how I can make the node/row height autosize to display the wrapped text?

Jim Honeycutt