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Ribbon: ControlContainerTool resize to fit whole Ribbon area


I'm trying to display a WebBrowser Control inside the Ribbon Tab (WinToolbars 2008.1). To accomplish this I  have used a ControlContainerTool with the WebBrowser control inside. The ControlContainerTool is placed as the only one tool inside a ToolGroup (which also is the only ToolGroup in this Ribbon Tab).

What I need now is a way to configure the Ribbon,ControlContainerTool or WebBrowser Control to use the complete width of the Ribbon for display, so the whole Ribbon Area (except the TabStrip Area) displays the Browser.

I tried to set the Spring - Property of the ControlContainer to true, and also the Dock-Property of the BrowserControl to Fill, but it didn't work.

It would also be acceptable to set a fixed Width (too large to be ever displayed on any screen) for the Browser Control and living with the fact, that the rest of the page is simply not visible, but when the width of the Browser is larger than the Ribbon's width - the Ribbon automatically hides the Control Container only displaying it when the user presses on a DropDown Button displayed instead.

I hope I have been able to explain what I am trying to do and also that there is some Solution to my problem.