Time format when gridresult is exported to excel using UltragridExcelExporter

Hi, We upgraded our application to use Infragistics 16.2 version in April this year. There's a functionality where an Ultragrid result is exported to Excel using Ultragridexcelexporter. When doing so, one of the columns that has Datetime displays the time in 24 hr format instead of 12 hr AM/PM format. In older version of our application, which uses older infragistics version, this column displays in 12 hr AM/PM format. This was not the case earlier. While there were other changes done in this module, I can not think of any of our changes that could have caused this change...

I was wondering if there is anything that got changed from your end in 16.2 version that could have caused this issue.

If not, is there anyway to set the format only for a specific datetime column that is exported to excel. Please help.

Thank you


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    Hello Lakshmi,

    There are no known issues in 16.2 that would affect the Excel engine. It would be unlikely that any change on our end would cause a change in the date format, but it is possible so I'd like to look into this for you. What version are you upgrading from? Are you able to send a sample application that demonstrates one behavior in the earlier version and the other behavior in 16.2?

    Please let me know.