Nested IF Evaluates zero at runtime but not in excel

We have a multi-sheet workbook used for calculating population growth estimates. Sheet A has a semi-complicated formula which is basically a nested IF(OR()) function with 3 if blocks. The formula references cells in another sheet which are formulas to other columns in a sheet.  The value in excel appears to work as expected. But after loading into Excel Worksheet (Infragistics.Documents.Excel.16.2) in memory all the values appear to calculate correctly except the ones referencing across worksheet. 

Example: We have a detail sheet and a summary sheet. Summary sheet has the following Formula: =IF(OR(Detail!$A$28, Detail!$A$29), Detail!E$16, IF(Detail!$A$30, Detail!E$17, IF(Detail!$A$31, Detail!E$18, Detail!E$17))) where Detail A28 - A31 are string values like TRUE or FALSE that evaluate to boolean. The other refernced columns E16, E17, E18 etc are functions adding other columns in the Detail sheet which I can inspect and all run correctly. But the function on the Summary Sheet that references the Detail Sheet just return a zero, which isn't possible if it looks at ANY of the other fields. 

This problem is new after upgrading from version 9.x to 16.x and I'm sure there have been a lot of changes since then. Any pointers? I am unable to find ANYTHING referencing this sort of issue. I also have not been able to replicate it using test spreadsheets.