Modifying the WorkDayStartTime of UltraDayView

Hi, I have a calendar control and in the Dayview, by default the start time of the appointments is 8 am and the end time is 5 pm. I would like to modify it to let's say 7 am to 6 pm. I tried doing the following: udvMasterDay is UltraWinSchedule.UltraDayView

Dim day = udvMasterDay.CalendarInfo.ActiveDay.Date

udvMasterDay.CalendarInfo.DaysOfWeek(Day.DayOfWeek).WorkDayStartTime = udvMasterDay.CalendarInfo.DaysOfWeek(Day.DayOfWeek).WorkDayStartTime.AddHours(-1)

udvMasterDay.CalendarInfo.DaysOfWeek(Day.DayOfWeek).WorkDayEndTime = udvMasterDay.CalendarInfo.DaysOfWeek(Day.DayOfWeek).WorkDayEndTime.AddHours(1)

While it looks like it shows a extra space above the first appointment that starts at 8 am, this extra space does not have any times on the left unlike other time slots

Am I doing it the right way. Is there any other way modifying this start and end time can be done? Kindly clarify.

Thank You