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UltraGrid constantly being corrupted...


I have an UltraGrid bound to an UltraDataSource.  The Uds has 3 bands.

Something is constantly adding multiple versions of the same columns at some point when I am editing the form.  I think it only happens when I edit in [Design] mode.  When this happens I have to go into the form's .designer.cs file and manually delete these bogus columns. Usually it is just the first band, but this morning it added two extra copies of all of the columns of all of the bands.  It causes a duplicate key error when the form renders and the columns are being added to the band's ColumnCollections.

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    Hello Kipp, 

    Thank you for posting to our forum. 

    As infragistics Version 11.1 is no longer supported.I would like you to update your project with the latest supported Version 17.2 to get the fix of the issue or delete the extra columns from the  form's .designer.cs file itself. 

    If you are still getting the same issue with the latest version I would like you to provide me a small isolated working sample application so that I can debug the code and find the cause of the issue. 

    Please let me know if you need further assistance.

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