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UltraTextEditor: memory leak in certain conditions


I'm using Ultimate UI for Windows forms 2017.2.

I noticed a memory leak with UltraTextEditor that appears in some conditions (not fully known):

The UltraTextEditor is added to a user control displayed in a UltraWinDock.

I can see that UltraTextEditor is subscribing to OnFormDeactivate and OnFormActivate on its form, but not removing these subscription when disposing, causing the memory leak. See screen shot (from .NET memory profiler):

Is it a known issue? Can you have a look to UltraTextEditor maybe in some cases it doesn't unsubscribe these events?



Thierry Chatelin

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    There is indeed code in our tool that subscribes to the OnFormDeactivate and OnFormActivate events. However, these events are unsubcribed in the Dispose method. I can think of two possible reasons why the dispose would not successfully release these event handlers.

    Is it possible that something is preventing the UltraTextEditors from disposing properly?
    Is it possible that the form is already disposed at the time the UltraTextEditor is disposing?

    If either of these conditions are true, the event handlers will not be able to be cleaned up. These conditions should not occur under normal circumstances. In order to discover a leak, you should evaluate your application with this in mind. If you have a memory profiler, it will help you to trace what might be preventing Dispose from being called successfully.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions and I will do my best to assist you.