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UltraGrid - Ultraformattedtexteditor - URLs

Hi, I use Ultragrid and Ultraformattedtexteditor als EditorComponent for a cell which contains text and weblinks. 

The text could be like that:

"Here is infragistics webiste now there is more text with another link e.g. a longer link from this side like that and after that more text."

Now: I search with a very long regexpattern for the links, replace the links with <a href... > and the formattedtexteditor shows die links as links in most cases.

1.) First problem: 1 In my example here, I replace two times.How can I manage this?

2.) I have a very long link which my regex knows and replaces correkt, but the cell doesn't show as a link. In the cell i can see the <a href...> So I guess you take another pattern than me. Or the cell can't show the link because it is to long? Are there any maxlength-rules for links in ultraformattedtexteditor?

Can I change the pattern in a property? I didn't find it.

Here is mine: 

Private Const m_cstrRegExPatternForURL as String = "((([A-Za-z]{3,9}:(?:\/\/)?)(?:[\-;:&=\+\$,\w]+@)?[A-Za-z0-9\.\-]+|(?:www\.|[\-;:&=\+\$,\w]+@)[A-Za-z0-9\.\-]+)((?:\/[\+~%\/\.\w\-_]*)?\??(?:[\-\+=&;%@\.\w_]*)#?(?:[\.\!\/\\\w]*))?)"

Thank you so much.

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