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Edit cells and row select on other cells


Is the following possible. I have a bindinglist with 2 properties that are editable. What I want the grid to do is when clicked on a cell that is editable go into edit mode for that cell and when clicked on a cell that is not editable do a row select.

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    This should be fairly simple. All you have to do is set the CellClickAction property on each column. So you could do something like this. 

            private void ultraGrid1_InitializeLayout(object sender, Infragistics.Win.UltraWinGrid.InitializeLayoutEventArgs e)
                var layout = e.Layout;
                var band = layout.Bands[0];
                foreach (var column in band.Columns)
                    bool isColumnEditable = this.IsColumnEditable(column);
                    if (isColumnEditable)
                        column.CellClickAction = CellClickAction.EditAndSelectText;
                        column.CellClickAction = CellClickAction.RowSelect;

    In this example, the IsColumnEditable method is up to you. You can probably just examine the column.Key and you presumably know which columns allow editing. 

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