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Ultraganttview save tasks


I have a problem when I save my tasks from my current project to the database. When I save it to my database, I can't open my tasks properties anymore and the also the Predecessors field is cleared (as you can see in the screenshot). Screenshot 1 is before saving, screenshot 2 is after doing:

foreach (Project prj in this.ultraCalendarInfo1.Projects)
    for (int i = 0; i < prj.Tasks.Count; i++)
        DataRow[] taskRow = this.ds.Tables["Tasks"].Select("TaskID = '" + prj.Tasks[i].Id + "'");
        if (taskRow.Length == 1)
            taskRow[0]["RowIndex"] = i;

With tda being:

tda = new SqlDataAdapter();
SqlCommand cmdT = conn.CreateCommand();
cmdT.CommandText = "SELECT * FROM Task order by ProjectKey, RowIndex";
tda.SelectCommand = cmdT;
sqlCmdBuilderT = new SqlCommandBuilder(tda);

I know it has something to do with the foreach loop. But I need that before the save so I can keep the current order in the tasks. Because when I save without the foreach the defaultsort on date will be used and the order will be gone.

Kind regards,


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