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I have a dashboard type application that has an ultraTab control with 2 tabs.  1 Tab is a dashboard and the other is another tab where users can double click/select which widgets they want on their dashboard.  On each tab is an ultraTilePanel.  When they select one from the config. tab it removes the ultraTile from the 1 Tiles collection and then adds it to the Dashboard's Tiles collection.  

That's all working aok.

The problem I'm having is that sometimes seemingly randomly when a Tile is added to the Dashboard it gets placed behind a tile that's already there.  

Anyone have any thoughts / ideas about what I might be missing and/or how to stop them from doing that?   Making them always go to the end of the collection would be ideal I think, then once the user has whatever widgets selected they can then arrange them on their dashboard.

Using a rather old version of Windows Forms: 13.1.20131.2095



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